Upgrade xbeepro 802.15.4 to Digimesh

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Upgrade xbeepro 802.15.4 to Digimesh

Postby lockheadf7 » Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:53 pm

I previously bought "xbee pro starter kit" pre-included with xbee-pro series 1. While it work flawlessly for point to multipoint network, I currently needs to upgrade to mesh networking topology. Since 802.15.4 xbee does not support mesh network topology, so I need to use Digimesh or Zigbee xbee. However, at this point I prefer to use Digimesh xbee.

The question is, should I buy a new xbee from Digi or simply update the firmware of existing xbee to Digimesh? From the internet reading, it is found that user can upgrade xbee series 1 to Digimesh simply by upgrading the firmware. Does this true that I can simply upgrade without buying the new xbee? or they are some limitation to some extend if I upgrade the xbee to digimesh compared to buying the actual xbee digimesh from the manufacturer. Thanks in advance
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Re: Upgrade xbeepro 802.15.4 to Digimesh

Postby robosang » Sun Aug 04, 2013 11:25 am

Why don you just try to upgrade first?
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