Siemens TC35 development board setup

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Siemens TC35 development board setup

Postby rakesh626 » Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:08 pm

Could someone be kind enough to share information on how to setup the latest Siemens TC35 development board to a laptop (Does not have the T0 or T1 pins which need to be connected together in the old board found in the tutorials). I followed all the instructions provided on the cytron tutorial but I could not type anything in the hyperterminal. Does this mean my USB-Serial cable is faulty or the modem itself is faulty.However, when I insert the sim card, the on board LED lights up for 75ms and stays OFF for 3 sec mean which indicates the board is connected to the service provider. Therefore, could someone share with me on how to setup the new TC35 board on a "laptop".
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