Scalled car robot: battery

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Scalled car robot: battery

Postby gsauze » Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:09 am

Hello everyone,

I am trying for find a suitable battery for a given set of mechanical structure+motors(DC and servo), and ask some pieces of advice.
Sorry for the length of this message, I am a bit lost, and have a lot to explain before asking precise questions.

I am going to use 2 IG42E ... r!!!!!cjw=
And 2 servo motors HerkuleX DRS-0101 Smart Robot Servo
The mechanical structure is small car of 14-20 pounds (60cm by 30 by 30 basically) , with 4 wheels of 5 inches (the proportions of a standard SUV, which a scale of 1:6 or 1:7). the two rear wheels are actuated by the IG42Es,
and the whole thing should go up to 10km/h.
I have several questions.

I need to determine which battery would be fine for this configuration.
Could you please tell me if a LiPo Rechargeable Battery 11.1V 5500mAH would be ok? for one or two motors?
see ... %205500mAH
And if yes, how long do you think it will last? (or how to do the calculations, because I don't know how).
I would like to control two IG42E with this battery(or two) through the MD10C Enhanced 10Amp DC Motor Driver (or two),
is it possible? see
I would command the motors by using an arduino board (I still have to determine which one, the UNO or the Mega)for the logic commands.

The arduino will also be linked to its own battery (or maybe I could use the same battery for everything?)
and to two other shields, one to control the servo motors (these two servos are intended to turn the two front wheels with respect to the two vertical axes passing trough the center of gravity of the wheels) and the other is an xbee shield to communicate with my laptop ( to do simple manoeuvres, thanks to a video game set of driving wheel and pedal connected by USB to my laptop) It is a remote controlled little car, long story short.
I would like the whole thing to be as simple as possible, to code some simple algorithms in the arduino board,
which would receive inputs from my laptop, calculate commands to send to the motors, thanks to formulas that I will implement in the arduino board.

Besides, if you have any piece of advice concerning anything, from the choice of arduino, to anything about any component I should use, please tell me.
Concerning electronics, I have never used anything before :mrgreen: , so I might be missing something quite basic.
I would like the whole thing to be as simple as possible.

thank a lot to those who will answer,
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Re: Scalled car robot: battery

Postby robosang » Mon Aug 12, 2013 8:53 pm

5500mAh Li-po? That is very powerful, I don know how long will it last, but surely sufficient for your robot for at least 1 hour
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Re: Scalled car robot: battery

Postby yonghui » Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:40 pm

Since you are using arduino as main board
i will suggest you to use
Cytron 10A Motor Driver Shield ... r%20Shield

to drive the motors.

then G15 servo ... be%20Servo

with Cytron G15 Shield ... 5%20Shield

together with some G15 servo accesories like G15 External Joint ... 0for%20G15

this will simplify your project and reduce the wirings needed

all you need to do is to stack the motor driver and G15 shield onto the arduino mainboard and start writing the code with the cytron provided arduino library for both the motor driver and G15 shield.
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