Total power(W) for PR23 Multifunction Mobile Robot

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Total power(W) for PR23 Multifunction Mobile Robot

Postby KMLee » Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:09 pm

I am currently working on a power supply using solar panels on the PR23 Multifunction Mobile Robot from Cytron Technologies.I would like to know the total power needed to power up this robot and other components as i am unable to determine the power for the motor and also the 8-bit microcontroller(PIC16F877A) used here. Here, i would also like to know the correct way of determining the total power for the robot. i have been gathering datasheets to look up the power for each component and i find it hard. Can someone teach me the way of looking into this matter.

I am looking at the power of each component as solar panels are measured by their power. Voltage and current can be supplied easily but solar panels differs from their power. Thank you
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Re: Total power(W) for PR23 Multifunction Mobile Robot

Postby ober » Wed Sep 30, 2009 5:44 pm

hi, the simplest method is to use a power supply, set the voltage, power up PR23 and look at the ampere on the Amp meter. You need to check the ampere during the usage of everything you need to operate, motor, sensor, LCD backlight, wireless and etc.

You can also measure using multi meter where there is a current measurement.
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