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Re: problem with SLD 936 ESD Station

PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 7:04 am
goodstudent WROTE:"I just check it with a meter"-ABSF
what thing your checked? is temperature of iron,continuity ,voltage or something else..

My iron is different from yours. It has only 4 points. 2 of them are for the iron heater element and the other 2 for the heat sensor. I think the heat sensor is just a thermo-resistor, where the resistance changes with heat. When I measured the heater element the resistance was consistant no matter how I shook the iron cable. But when I measured the sensor resistance it was sometimes open circuit and sometimes got resistance when I shook the cable. That's why I said the "sensor is intermittent".

The problem was solved after I replaced the iron.