Arduino ADK + Android mobile

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Arduino ADK + Android mobile

Postby Ali_Challenger » Sun Nov 30, 2014 10:43 pm

I need help please, I faced some problems to connecting Android phone with Arduino ADK:

First issue am using (Android accessory => demo kit ) example, when I verify the sketch it shows some errors regarding to "CapSense" library and I have "CapacitiveSensor" library so, because am not using any Capacitive touch Sensor, I managed that by changing some names and deleted other regarding to that problem , So I can successfully verifying the sketch. My question is [Does that changing in "CapSense" will effected the code overall ?! and, Do you have any other examples for that ?! ].

Second issue am using the (ADK Demokit) app. on my phone to connect to Arduino ADK, but, it doesn't work properly, first it doesn't detect anything when I connect the usb cable to Arduino ADK board and second I can't change to out menu. My question is [Is that common problem or only in my phone ?! and, Is there any other android app. I can use it instead ?! ].

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