Arduino UNO & Shield MD10: PWM-Frequency

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Arduino UNO & Shield MD10: PWM-Frequency

Postby arts404 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 7:40 pm

Hi all
my Arduino (UNO) Shield MD10 controls a DC brush motor 24V / 4A. I use as a PWM frequency 980 Hz. This works very well.
Now this frequency is extremely disturbing and easy to hear. If I have understood everything correctly, the next higher frequency with the Arduino is 31'250 Hz.
Now, the manual for this Arduino-shield sets the upper limit for the frequency at 10'000 Hz.

My question:
What can happen if I use the frequency 31'250 Hz?
Short-term tests worked well, but the voltage regulator chip is easily warmed up.

Thank you for your answer.
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