Flexible circuit or FPC material -> Pyralux

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Flexible circuit or FPC material -> Pyralux

Postby Sytan » Sun Aug 17, 2014 4:17 am

Hello everyone,

I'm interested to fabricate some flexible circuit board by myself and facing some issues in getting the material in Malaysia.

Single sided LF series Pyralux (product name) from Dupont (manufacturer) is the material I find it difficult to find. Adafruit in New york is carrying that but in a small 6" x 6" which is too small for my application. Ebay have some too but they are very expensive if ship to Malaysia. Even Adafruit is complaining in their product introduction video about how difficult they get the supply due to Dupont is not selling it to non PCB fabrication company.

I did notice some of the pcb manufacturers in Malaysia are producing flexible circuit boards in large volume. So I'm still hoping if any of them is kind enough to sell the material to me.

If anyone here happen to know any alternative way to get the supply kindly join the discussion here or pm me. Thanks for your precious time to read this lengthy post :D
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