New Board Proposal

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New Board Proposal

Postby pete.hollyer » Tue Sep 21, 2021 2:45 am

Arduino Board Proposal

I have searched the Internet, Ali-Express, and all board maker sites I can find, to include STM, Waveshare, cytron, RFRobot, Elecrow, Seeed, Smart Fin, Smart Prototyping, KeyStudio, and many others, with NO luck looking for similar product to what I am about to propose.

I am Proposing to build a UNO "Sized" Board, built from a MEGA 2560, Keeping the top half intact for compatibility two existing UNO Shields; and cutting off the bottom half of the board. There are "mini" MEGA boards available, in fact Cytron sells one called the "MA-01 ESP8266 IoT Magic Kit - Fully Assembled". But this board does NOT go far enough, nor is it compatible with existing UNO Shields.

I'm Proposing a Board with the following built-in peripherals:
1. ESP-01 interface, Standard 2X4 pin Female connected to UART-1.
2. SD-Card on the board, such that the "card insert slot" is slightly exposed OFF board ( the front or back, so that enclosures can easily expose the card slot. This will be using the standard MEGA SPI Pins. Placement like on the Cytron ESP8266 Wifi Shield and Cytron Easy MP3 Shield,
3. NRF24L01+PA+LNA RF Module interface ON Board. Can this be designed to be utilized Via UART-2, similar to ESP-01 Interface? Simplifying User code to mere Serial RX/TX. This would be sharing the SPI interface. IF this is NOT possible, skip this Interface, Exposing the UART-2 along with #4 Below.
4. Remaining UART's (0, 3, 4) Exposed as 4 Pin Interfaces, Either as Dupont PINS Male or Female, Grove Connector, or any 2.54 SH/JST/ZH/PH/XH connector that suits you; consisting of 4 -pins each Ground (black), Power (Red), Signal-1 (Yellow), Signal-2 (White)
5. Sensor Interface for 8 of the "unused" or cut off Digital Pins, consisting of 3 -pins each Ground (black), Power (Red), Signal (Yellow)
6. Analog Module Interface for 3 of the "unused" or cut off Analog Pins, consisting of 3 -pins each Ground (black), Power (Red), Signal (Yellow)
7. Three or Four, 4 Pin Sensor Interfaces, using the "unused" or cut off Pins, 4 pin male 2.54 mm Dupont Digital Pins, consisting of 4 -pins each Ground (black), Power (Red), Signal-1 (Yellow), Signal-2 (White)
8. Two or three 4 Pin Analog Interfaces using the "unused" or cut off Pins, 4 pin Male 2.54 mm Dupont Digital Pins, consisting of 4 -pins each Ground (black), Power (Red), Signal-1 (Yellow), Signal-2 (White)
9. Along with 3 sets of I2C.
10. Built In Buzzer/DAK (standard Pin 8)
11. Head phone jack
12. Speaker 2 Pin connector

Power Input
1. Barrel Jack 5-20 Volt
2. Micro USB 5 Volt input

Optional Components

1. Lipo Battery 3.7 Volt Input Connector With Buck step up to 5 Volt
2. Lipo Battery Charging Circuit

I Fully understand this will NOT use ALL the MEGA 2560's Pins, that is very important. People use the MEGA for is Flash size, speed, and MOST of all Many UART Ports, which makes it very Useful. In fact, I believe, it's LARGE size makes it NOT suitable for many projects. By making it the size of the UNO (Keeping it's current Top Half footprint) we will be making this version Far More Compatible for many many makers; Furthermore, I believe this will Greatly Improve and invigorate the Arduino Maker Market.

I would personally donate to a "Go-Fund-Me" to Build this board!

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