KL25 board with TFT LCD

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KL25 board with TFT LCD

Postby wilson.mcu » Sat Jan 16, 2016 4:43 pm


I have another small project to show here. Using KL25 board with TFT LCD

1. http://my.element14.com/freescale-semiconductor/frdm-kl25z/arm-kinetis-kl25z-freedom-dev/dp/2191861 This is from element14. Very cheap in price

2. http://www.lelong.com.my/pic32-pic18f-arduino-tft-lcd-1-44-gigasitron-161706788-2016-03-Sale-P.htm LCD from lelong.com.my


The theory behind is using double buffering to prevent LCD from flikering when each time LCD is updated. Ii is important to store all LCD data into a RAM buffer first rather than write to LCD pixel by pixel. When RAM buffer is full, immediately write into LCD. Bigger RAM buffer more stable it is.

Here my LCD is 128x128 pixel, my RAM buffer is 512 bytes. Quite OK the effect :D
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