Malware & Spam, Update and Changelog

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Malware & Spam, Update and Changelog

Postby aurora » Mon Dec 21, 2009 7:58 am


I just switched to Google Chrome recently, and it's showing that your website is plague with malware, more specifically Was the "down for maintenance" last weekend is plan, or was it an attack? I think fella forumers need to be informed whenever there is a planned maintenance.

I've been monitoring this website and still undecided if I shall post my project here, well, seeing all the spams, am afraid that it may affect my links. I wonder if the spams in my email inbox has its contributor coming from this forum... :?

I think cytron need to buff up their security code. ;) And please post all the changes. Users need to be informed, and it welcomes other potential forumers too.
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Re: Malware & Spam, Update and Changelog

Postby sich » Sat Dec 26, 2009 1:00 pm

Hi aurora,

Thanks for your info! Actually we purposely closed the site to update the platform and install plugins to fight spams which occur almost everyday in our forum. And yes, you're right, during that period the forum was attacked by spammer when we were having our maintenance going on. However, it's just a link inserted in our index page, pointing to a site which contains malware. So since the site was closed and you cant even access the page, there should be nothing the script can do to point your browser to that site. After some efforts, we eventually found the script and deleted it. Then we asked Google to reviewed the site and from the report, we're free from malware now.

I think after you clear the cache of your browser, the malware message will never come up anymore. However if you're not convinced, you may search for cytron forum in the google search. If Google detects malware in a certain site, it'll display a message which sounds something like "This site contains suspicious contents and visiting this site may harm your computer." in the search result. If it's not shown, means Google verified the safety of visiting that site.

Here we apologize if this incident caused any inconvenience to our fellow forumers. Sorry! Please continue to drop by and share in our forum. Thanks!
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Re: Malware & Spam, Update and Changelog

Postby robosang » Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:21 pm

Oh.... I also kena that day! Now OK, I can post freely!

Good work sich!
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