Programming ESP8266 on Cytron WiFi Shield

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Programming ESP8266 on Cytron WiFi Shield

Postby amitnagpalmind » Mon May 22, 2017 1:36 pm


How can i write the code or firmware over ESP8266 (module on cytron shield) itself, through Arduino IDE, rather than writing the code only on base board like Arduino Uno or Arduino Mega?

We need to have two different codes, one on the Cytron ESP8266 shield and one on the Arduino Mega board.

I need to know the hardware configuration and the programming interface, as I could not find any programming interface on the Cytron Shield.

As per your last reply, you said we can use UC00A/UC00C or other USB-Serial adapter to do so. But there are no pinouts (DTR, CT, VSEL, etc.) to be seen on the board.

Can you please explain how to program?

Or how to program inside ESP8266 via Arduino Mega 2560?
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Re: Programming ESP8266 on Cytron WiFi Shield

Postby bengchet » Mon May 22, 2017 10:04 pm

It is possible to upload the program to ESP8266 using USB-Serial Adapter. However it might require simple wiring which involves 3 jumpers, which connects TX, RX and GND only.

It is also possible to program ESP8266 using Arduino Mega. However it requires uploading new blank sketch to Arduino Mega. Then put mini jumpers on USB and USB on Cytron WiFi Shield. By doing this, you are not programming Arduino Mega anymore, but ESP8266 itself.

Both methods require you to toggle switch at top right corner on the shield to label FLASH, then press ESP_reset. Then only ESP8266 is ready for you to program it.
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