Grove Wifi 8266 and Microbit v2

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Grove Wifi 8266 and Microbit v2

Postby Kool Kat Science » Wed May 08, 2024 6:47 am

I'm testing the Grove WiFi 8266. I was able to get the board to initialize once and it sent data to Thingspeak. This week, I'm using the same code and wiring and cannot get the 8266 to initialize. I've tried various combinations of RX and TX connections and the board always fails initialization. I ordered enough of these boards for our class, but cannot make any progress. Is it possible to get tech support? I'm using the 8266 in a little Vilros expansion board for a proof of concept. Once that's solid, the students will do some IOT with it.
Kool Kat Science
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Re: Grove Wifi 8266 and Microbit v2

Postby sich » Tue Jun 25, 2024 10:48 am

Are you using this type of micro:bit expansion board? ... 1702636034

This expansion board doesn't seem to have dedicated voltage regulator. If you supply the wifi module with 3.3V from this expansion board, the 3.3V comes from micro:bit and it has a very low current limit as stated in this article (depending on your micro:bit version too)

If so, most probably the problem is due to insufficient power to the wifi module. How's your current power connection look like? I suggest to supply 5V from the USB or a steady 3.3V.
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