USB Gamepad controller (Joystick), 2 DC motor, DFRobot Romeo

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USB Gamepad controller (Joystick), 2 DC motor, DFRobot Romeo

Postby charliedean » Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:34 pm


I have just purchased a DFRobot Romeo V2 to drive two DC brushed motors. ... bgHQfk3B8E

I wanted to be able to use a gamepad controller, such as the xbox,PS2 or logitech F510 rumble gamepad, to be able to control these two motors with tank drive style control.

I have bought a PS2 breakout board and USB breakout board. ... 0Connector ... e%20Female

I am fairly sure it is possible with a PS2 controller, I will have a go soon and let you know how it works.

However, does anyone know if it possible with a USB controller? (Logitech F510 Rumble Gamepad) I'd prefer to wire it straight to the microcontroller, and not via the PC.

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Re: USB Gamepad controller (Joystick), 2 DC motor, DFRobot R

Postby robosang » Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:42 pm

Not to use the USB, you need a USB host to interface with USB device (mouse, game controller, keyboard, etc). And also the correct driver to communicate, not easy, is possible :)

About PS2, you should check how to interface with it directly, because it is not direct digital buttons from the joystick :) Better use SKPS from Cytron. I have been using SKPS for projects and works fine for me.
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