[NEWBIE] About MC40SE with motor 24V 450W

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Re: [NEWBIE] About MC40SE with motor 24V 450W

Postby shukriismail93 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:34 pm

Sir Idris, ASAP

From the board mc40se is there any port that can connect? What I see is there is only PIC Microcontroller and no port for connection on the PIC...I just had seen existed port on the board.
How about the connection ASJ for x-axis and y-axis?
Can I connect any port ADC Sir?
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Re: [NEWBIE] About MC40SE with motor 24V 450W

Postby ober » Wed Feb 19, 2014 5:55 pm

There are few points that you need to understand before you use a microcontroller board.
- MC40SE is a microcontroller board that serve as a kit for certain application, in this case - mobile robot.
- It is designed for 40-pin 8-bit PIC which is compatible for PIC16F887 and PIC16F877A, and many more models of PIC that fall under 5V, 40-pin, and 8-bit. The list can go up to 100 types, so I will not list it here. We are not able to test all these model to ensure the full compatibility.
- MC40SE comes with PIC16F887 and the sample code is base on this model. But you can change to any model you like as long as it is compatible.
- Many microcontroller including PIC can offer a lot of functions with the pin. Example, pin 2 of PIC (RA0) can be digital input/output, or it can also be analog input pin. But when we design the MC40SE, we will only choose 1 function for this pin to avoid confusion. But you are free to utilize it. So even the pin that connected to digital input port on MC40SE, can always be change to output port in program and if you connect LED or output device, you can control it. Please do not constrain yourself to what is designed.
- The digital port or analog port on MC40SE is designed to ease the user with the example code given, if it does not fit your require, study the datasheet as idris suggested, check if the pin can provide the desire function and just connect your device to it.
- Modify the sample code accordingly.
- If you don want to do it this way, get a general kit like SK40C, plug in your preferable PIC, use it as you like :)
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