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1. What is the default crystal setting for IFC-MB00?
The on board crystal for IFC-MB00 is 10MHz, and it is being configured to 4XPLL which result in Fosc = 4 X 10MHz = 40MHz. Therefore, the instruction cycle for IFC-MB00 is 40MHz/4 = 10MHz, or in other words 10MIPS (10 Mega Instruction Per Second).

2. How to let IFC-MB00 to communicate with PC?
There is a DB9 male socket on IFC-MB00 which allow user to connect IFC-MB00 to PC. To enable the DB9 male socket on IFC-MB00, user will need to set the on board "TX" and "RX" jumper to PC. For the setting on the UART communication for IFC-MB00, please refer to the provided template (http://cytron.com.my/datasheet/IFC/MB00.zip), there is a part of UART communication setting under "init" function. Besides the setting, there are also 2 functions, "uart_write" and "uart_read" function that let user to send a byte of data to PC and receive a byte of data from PC.
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