SM630 connect to TTL UART <-> USB converter

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SM630 connect to TTL UART <-> USB converter

Postby kelvintrx » Thu Jun 07, 2018 1:56 pm

Hi, I'm trying to connect these two products so that I can test out with the PC demo GUI given.

Fingerprint sensor SM630: ... cription=1

USB to TTL serial cable: ... cription=1

I managed to power on the fingerprint sensor, and connected sensor_Tx to TTL_Rx and vice versa. I did made a pull up for sensor_Tx and set the COM port baud rate to 57600bps.

However, when I tried to read version, the GUI give me "Checkout Error". I also tried with other baud rate like 9600 and 115200bps, all failed and I could not figure out why it is happening.

So my question is, does the USB to TTL serial cable work fine with the fingerprint sensor SM630? If yes, what is the possible problem that cause the error? Is there any circuit I need to build in order to make it work?
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Re: SM630 connect to TTL UART <-> USB converter

Postby ZaM » Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:36 pm

first we need to make sure that UART to TTL cable is working fine, you can do looping test by using arduino serial monitor, just connect TX to RX wire and when you send something, the Value/symbol/word will appear in serial monitor.

Second, i am not sure what is pull up yu refer, but UART/Serial communication no need pull up resistor on TX line.

you also can refer here : ... -demo-gui/
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