Making a room temperature control with Raspberry Pi 2

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Making a room temperature control with Raspberry Pi 2

Postby kamion » Tue Jun 30, 2020 4:09 pm


Here's the problem I'm trying to solve.

1) The main objective is to save electricity, and I don't want to leave the aircond on all night.
2) If I the put Aircond on timer, it will turn off, but I have to wake up to turn on the fan.
3) Even with fan on, some times it gets hot and humid again after a couple hours, and I have to get up and switch off fan and turn on aircond.
4) Aircond and ceiling fan both have IR control.

I want to automate the room climate control with Raspberry Pi, sensing temperature and humidity in the room and to control the aircond and fan as appropriate.

I'm looking at:
i) some sort of temperature and humidity sensor, either:
a) ... nsor-dht11
b) ... ure-module

which of the above is easier to wire up to the Pi on a breadboard?

ii) IR receiver: to read in the IR signal from current aircond and fan controller, so I can transmit it later

iii) IR transmitter: to control both the fan and aircond

I found the following, will it work for ii) and iii) above?

or do I need the following for ii)?

and some other IR transmitter?
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