Emulate Keyboard Left and Right Key

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Emulate Keyboard Left and Right Key

Postby TeddySoh » Thu Jan 14, 2021 8:38 pm

I am very new in this area, but i am willing to learn.
I need all the your help as i don't know where to start from.

We have a PC with a monitor that is displaying a few web page.
When user click on the right or left key, it should the next or previous Web Page.

I am looking into using a sensor to emulate a keyboard left and right key when they move they hand on top of the sensor, so that they do not need to touch the keyboard.

Would appreciate if someone can guide me as to where should i start ?
I know the we need a sensor, but what kind of sensor ?
I think we also need to connect the sensor to the PC to emulate as a keyboard.

Thanks in advance.
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