Wireless navigation robot car (Microcontroller)

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Wireless navigation robot car (Microcontroller)

Postby sysysy » Thu Nov 04, 2010 10:26 pm


I am going to develop a Wireless navigation robot car project.
I am just a new guy for a PIC project, just spend whole day to search the PIC family.

As a result, still not sure which PIC family should be use. considering use the 18f452 since it already got build in ADC. In the same time, i saw that many robot projects also can be done with 16f877. Can anyone give me some advice?

My Project basic features:
1. PC wireless control navigation robot car.
2. few type of sensors will be used in the robot.
3. web-cam may be used.

hope i can learn more about the strategy in constructing the project.
(For example, always choose the suitable components, don't simply waste my budget).

thanks a lot.
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Re: Wireless navigation robot car (Microcontroller)

Postby aurora » Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:06 am

Hi there!

1. PC wireless control navigation robot car. - not that difficult. Can be quite challenging for beginner though.
2. few type of sensors will be used in the robot. - What type of sensor? Do you need to send the sensor reading back to PC (host)?
3. web-cam may be used. - This might be very costly, and difficult.

In common term, there are 2 type of wireless control: 1-way, or 2-way.

1-way wireless is like those radio/remote control type, on/off signal. The system consist of one transmitter and one receiver. Higher end module can send higher number of signal, or stream of data.
2-way wireless are those that can communicate back-and-forth. It need 2 transceiver to function properly.

To achieve objective no. 1 and 2, both PIC are good enough to cover that. Do you need the sensor to send the reading information/data back to the host? If not, you can have the PIC to do all the sampling, reading, computation, and execution.

Objective no.3 is difficult. In order for webcam to work, you need at least a higher end wireless module, like those wifi-compatible webcam. This stuff are freaking expensive, not to mention difficult to implement. ;)
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Re: Wireless navigation robot car (Microcontroller)

Postby yonghui » Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:23 am


reading through the datasheet of PIC and sensors. datasheet of the sensor will tell what kind of communication it needs and how many pins required. if the PIC pin count enough and the peripheral is supported. then should be fine. some sensors might be 3.3V and some 5V. some PIC are 3.3V and some are 5V.
there are several types of wireless can be considered,

low cost RF




or Maybe u will like this, PS2

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Re: Wireless navigation robot car (Microcontroller)

Postby shiyan » Sat Nov 06, 2010 8:53 am

well, I don believe in 1 time done project. As you are beginner, I believe you will get some wrong parts 8-)

Nevertheless, that is not wasting money, is learning!

no.1 should be fine, yet there are many possibilities in mobile robot, the size? the payload? Navigation, do you need encoder feedback? In door navigation? What type of sensor and what processor, as all this will affect the mechanism of the robot, you might end up building another robot to accommodate the other spec. Wireless part I think aurora and yonghui have given you a good idea.

no.2, sensors, Woh! :twisted: this is huge, there are thousand types of sensor out there, some might require very high processing power to get data, and there for you need better processor and leading to more complex system :mrgreen:

no.3, Web-cam, you need those video/image to be processed on your mobile robot or just directly send back to PC? If directly to your PC wireless, is easier compare to on mobile robot. As some web-cam is USB base, you will need to have USB host to communicate with USB device which is camera in this case.... that is a pain work :lol:

Anyway, good luck, hope these help :roll:
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